Fees & Offers


We offer both private and NHS treatment. NHS treatment covers most of the basic treatment like fillings, extractions and dentures. Private treatment offers a wider choice to include white fillings, cosmetic veneers and crowns, implants and cosmetic dentures. The quality of the material used is superior and the treatment is carried out by our more senior and experienced dentists. If there is any laboratory work involved in the treatment as in crowns and dentures, the work will be done by the more experienced and skilled laboratory technicians. The work is of genuine private quality and not of 'independent' quality.

The NHS charges are set out by the government and are basically divided into 3 bands at , and .

Our private fees below will provide you with a guide. We normally charge for treatment at the end of each visit. We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit and credit cards. We can also offer interest-free payment plan.

Consultation - New patient £50.00
Routine examination £30.00
Small x-rays £6.00
Large x-rays £25.00
Simple scaling £35.00
Silver Filling:
White Filling:
Root Canal Treatment:
Front teeth
Middle teeth
Back teeth
from £110.00
Gold Crown £540.00
Porcelain Crown from £350.00
Veneer from £420.00
Full dentures -upper & lower £890.00
Partial dentures from £410.00
Tooth Whitening from £300.00
Implants from £2300.00

At the end of your treatment, our aftercare and responsibility to you carry on.